the lonely life of this particular webcomic artist

With 2018 being finally here, there're some things I've had on my mind for...months, actually.

During the last year, I came to the conclusion that my life as is, can't continue. If it wasn't for my day job I'd be a full-on hermit in a suburban town. I have contacts online and that's great. It's not quite like hanging out with people in "real life", though.

I already started making some progress with that in late-ish 2017. I went to a concert of a band I really love (and was lucky enough to get another band I really love as support band :3), went to the cinema instead of waiting for Netflix to catch up. Went out more, in general. And that's something I'd love to continue and strengthen in 2018.
There are so many places in the area that I wanted to have a look at when I moved here. Dresden and its surroundings are beautiful and also very inspiring, but they won't come to me. I'll have to go to them. So far I've always waited for somebody to go with me. But made the mistake of never really asking anybody. Aside from the people who were at least one ocean away. And you guessed correctly if you thought they weren't exactly in for an afternoon of exploring a near-by castle or baroque garden.

I focused so much on the internet so much, cause it's larger than just one country and still seems a lot easier to find a group of like-minded people. That made me isolate myself in my direct surroundings. What made that process a lot easier is the introvert inside me immediately asking "Was that really a good thing to say?" immediately after I said something out loud. And constantly reminding me that I actually said it out loud. For months on end.

2017 was a year of enlightenment for me in regards to my personal situation, now I've got to do stuff to change it up a little in 2018.

With that in mind, here's the plan for 2018 in no particular order.
- Go sight-seeing! (Things that jump to mind: Pillnitz, Königsstein, Großsedlitz Baroque Garden)
- Get a bike, cause it's faster than walking and might actually convince me to go outside more!
- Draw more comics! (There's no life without comics for me.)
- Print the first part of Soul's Journey! (Yes, that's a thing I want to do.)
- Finish some smaller projects! (Like that short story I've been sitting on since May 2017.)
- Stream more. (Cause it is fun, but I rarely do it.)

And that's the short, but still rather ambitious version of it. I don't want to put more on there than necessary, cause the more I plan the less likely it is that I'll actually do it.

(In case you want to reflect on your life, let your mom joke about how she'd like grandchildren... That is what really got me into this. Also, no, there aren't any children planned, unless you mean my brain-children.)

november goals

That thing about blogging more regularly... it didn't quite sink in yet, I guess.
But I'm here to report on my October goals and set new ones for November. That's gonna be a busy month no matter how I look at it.

October recap

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
That one I definitely kept, even though I missed scheduling the announcement posts once. But the pages were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be. Checking this one off as completed.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
Second goal and first incomplete. I started doing things here, but I'll need to set a day aside to lay out the plot properly because whenever I started digitally I easily got lost in rearranging and adding details rather than progressing. This one's going to appear in November again.

Goal #3: Inktober 2017
Originally I wanted this to be a digital challenge, but digital took too long so I switched to brush pen and ink wash. I finished the last piece this morning. The complete challenge can be viewed here

Goal #4: Concept for a Secret Project
I got a little beyond just the concept, I already made the thumbnails of this 6-page short. But we're gonna see more of that in November's goal list.

Goal #5: Give Hub-Website a Make Over
The main structure is in place now, looking better than ever. The home page has a placeholder for a huge thing I plan on getting done in November. But otherwise all complete.

That makes 4/5 goals completed and I can say I won this month. Yay! It went exceptionally well. So, on to November, shall we?

New Month: November

Just a quick reminder of the rules I'm following:
  • I'll do these monthly, otherwise, I'll be working on them between Christmas and New Year and no day sooner.
  • Of these goals, I'll have to complete at least half to call it successful. It gives me some flexibility to prioritise as needed.
  • Any goal not achieved will automatically go into the next month, unless there's a good reason for it not to.
  • On November 30th I'll write up another blog post detailing my progress on these goals.

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
This one again. Well, it's important.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
This one transitioned from October and still wants to be completed.

Goal #3: German translation
During October I started translating Soul's Journey into German and making it available on the website. (Which was probably the time-consuming thing that pushed the Recentia Outline back all the time.) In November I want to finish the translation up to the third Intermission. (The plan is to translate in batches of 20 pages after that.)

Goal #4: Inks for a Secret Project
The secret project requires once finished page by the end of the year, and the whole completed thing by end of May. I want to get ahead and finish the inks by the end of the month. I'm currently planning on doing those traditionally, so this sounds rather achievable.

Goal #5: Animation for Hub-Website
I mentioned the homepage currently having a placeholder. I want to make a video capturing a few of the stories I have planned and introducing random visitors to what they just found on the web. I've been pushing this back for years now. Maybe this way I'll get to make it :)
Also: Animation is supposed to be kept simple. And it could theoretically serve as a Patreon vid, too.

The question of the day is, can I reproduce the success from October? We shall see in a month.

october goals

For a while now I've been following Jenna Moreci's youtube channel and she's frequently talking about her Quarterly Writing Goals. While it's not a new idea per se, she got me to think about it and here we are. Monthly goals. (close enough)

Here's how it'll work for me:

  • I'll do these monthly, otherwise, I'll be working on them between Christmas and New Year and no day sooner.
  • Of these goals, I'll have to complete at least half to call it successful. It gives me some flexibility to prioritise as needed.
  • Any goal not achieved will automatically go into the next month, unless there's a good reason for it not to.
  • On October 31st I'll write up another blog post detailing my progress on these goals. Because as Jenna Moreci likes to say: Nothing works better as motivation than public humiliation.

For the remainder of the year, I'll be forgiving of myself while I find an acceptable workload for a month.

Let's make goals!

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
This goal will most likely appear every month. But I feel it is important not to lose sight of just how much work a regular update schedule can be.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
While on vacation I finally had some time to properly think about Recentia. I started working on an outline, which I want to finish during October.

Goal #3: Inktober 2017
Last year Inktober fell flat for me because I got a new job and had to find a place to live and move to. There's no such thing on the horizon this year. Plus I want to use this Inktober to explore different inking styles, which may be viable for an upcoming short story.

Goal #4: Concept for a Secret Project
Can't say much about this as of yet. But I need to get a concept for a short story done by October 31st.

Goal #5: Give Hub-Website a Make Over
This has been on my to-do list for a long while. Time to make it real!

Here's to a productive month :D

inktober 2015 collection

It is soon upon us again. Inktober. The month in which many an artist produces a daily ink drawing for 31 consecutive days. (Or catches up just before the deadline...)

In 2015 I took part in that challenge for the first time and also managed to make it to the end. The drawings were originally posted on this blog and looking forward to Inktober starting up again soon it felt good to have a look back at my first attempt at this.

You can click on the pictures for a bigger view.


a collection of concepts

It's been a long time since I last put up a blog post on here. The blog lacked focus and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. On top of that production of the comic, I had written about most, was put on hold.

I got a bachelor's degree now (no more exams getting in the way, yay!) and a day job providing me with a steady income. The trade-off for that is of course that my time is very limited and I'm often in zombie-mode when I come home in the evening. I focused it mostly on keeping up with weekly updates for Soul's Journey and pursuing smaller, more manageable projects, such as the short I made for the SpiderForest Anthology instead of the large beast Recentia is becoming.

Two big projects at once are a challenge in and of itself, so putting Recentia on the backburner was the best thing I could do at the time. But it turns out the remains of this blog have been haunting me.

So I decided to give this blog new life. It started with a make-over. The previously prominent red has been replaced by blue. The old posts are currently back in draft mode to allow the coming posts some breathing room. Some of the old posts will return in the future, as of now I'm still sorting out which to keep and which to throw out or possibly combine.

As for future content, I'm still not a hundred percent sure where I want to go with this blog. So I'll try out a few things and see what sticks. At this point, I'll also need to see what sort of schedule (if any at all) I'll be able to keep, so bear with me.

Let's do some navigating!

I decided to repost some of the concept art done for Recentia right away to make this a more lively post than just text.

When the blog was just starting out I posted the picture above as the first visual concept for my "upcoming" project Recentia. A lot has happened since then and the story itself went through a lot of change.

But you can watch the recording of the painting nonetheless.

Soon after I made a size chart involving the original cast of characters. The cast would change in appearance and be complimented by an additional member.