october goals

For a while now I've been following Jenna Moreci's youtube channel and she's frequently talking about her Quarterly Writing Goals. While it's not a new idea per se, she got me to think about it and here we are. Monthly goals. (close enough)

Here's how it'll work for me:

  • I'll do these monthly, otherwise, I'll be working on them between Christmas and New Year and no day sooner.
  • Of these goals, I'll have to complete at least half to call it successful. It gives me some flexibility to prioritise as needed.
  • Any goal not achieved will automatically go into the next month, unless there's a good reason for it not to.
  • On October 31st I'll write up another blog post detailing my progress on these goals. Because as Jenna Moreci likes to say: Nothing works better as motivation than public humiliation.

For the remainder of the year, I'll be forgiving of myself while I find an acceptable workload for a month.

Let's make goals!

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
This goal will most likely appear every month. But I feel it is important not to lose sight of just how much work a regular update schedule can be.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
While on vacation I finally had some time to properly think about Recentia. I started working on an outline, which I want to finish during October.

Goal #3: Inktober 2017
Last year Inktober fell flat for me because I got a new job and had to find a place to live and move to. There's no such thing on the horizon this year. Plus I want to use this Inktober to explore different inking styles, which may be viable for an upcoming short story.

Goal #4: Concept for a Secret Project
Can't say much about this as of yet. But I need to get a concept for a short story done by October 31st.

Goal #5: Give Hub-Website a Make Over
This has been on my to-do list for a long while. Time to make it real!

Here's to a productive month :D

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