november goals

That thing about blogging more regularly... it didn't quite sink in yet, I guess.
But I'm here to report on my October goals and set new ones for November. That's gonna be a busy month no matter how I look at it.

October recap

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
That one I definitely kept, even though I missed scheduling the announcement posts once. But the pages were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be. Checking this one off as completed.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
Second goal and first incomplete. I started doing things here, but I'll need to set a day aside to lay out the plot properly because whenever I started digitally I easily got lost in rearranging and adding details rather than progressing. This one's going to appear in November again.

Goal #3: Inktober 2017
Originally I wanted this to be a digital challenge, but digital took too long so I switched to brush pen and ink wash. I finished the last piece this morning. The complete challenge can be viewed here

Goal #4: Concept for a Secret Project
I got a little beyond just the concept, I already made the thumbnails of this 6-page short. But we're gonna see more of that in November's goal list.

Goal #5: Give Hub-Website a Make Over
The main structure is in place now, looking better than ever. The home page has a placeholder for a huge thing I plan on getting done in November. But otherwise all complete.

That makes 4/5 goals completed and I can say I won this month. Yay! It went exceptionally well. So, on to November, shall we?

New Month: November

Just a quick reminder of the rules I'm following:
  • I'll do these monthly, otherwise, I'll be working on them between Christmas and New Year and no day sooner.
  • Of these goals, I'll have to complete at least half to call it successful. It gives me some flexibility to prioritise as needed.
  • Any goal not achieved will automatically go into the next month, unless there's a good reason for it not to.
  • On November 30th I'll write up another blog post detailing my progress on these goals.

Goal #1: Keep a regular update schedule.
This one again. Well, it's important.

Goal #2: Finish Recentia Outline
This one transitioned from October and still wants to be completed.

Goal #3: German translation
During October I started translating Soul's Journey into German and making it available on the website. (Which was probably the time-consuming thing that pushed the Recentia Outline back all the time.) In November I want to finish the translation up to the third Intermission. (The plan is to translate in batches of 20 pages after that.)

Goal #4: Inks for a Secret Project
The secret project requires once finished page by the end of the year, and the whole completed thing by end of May. I want to get ahead and finish the inks by the end of the month. I'm currently planning on doing those traditionally, so this sounds rather achievable.

Goal #5: Animation for Hub-Website
I mentioned the homepage currently having a placeholder. I want to make a video capturing a few of the stories I have planned and introducing random visitors to what they just found on the web. I've been pushing this back for years now. Maybe this way I'll get to make it :)
Also: Animation is supposed to be kept simple. And it could theoretically serve as a Patreon vid, too.

The question of the day is, can I reproduce the success from October? We shall see in a month.

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