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With 2018 being finally here, there're some things I've had on my mind for...months, actually.

During the last year, I came to the conclusion that my life as is, can't continue. If it wasn't for my day job I'd be a full-on hermit in a suburban town. I have contacts online and that's great. It's not quite like hanging out with people in "real life", though.

I already started making some progress with that in late-ish 2017. I went to a concert of a band I really love (and was lucky enough to get another band I really love as support band :3), went to the cinema instead of waiting for Netflix to catch up. Went out more, in general. And that's something I'd love to continue and strengthen in 2018.
There are so many places in the area that I wanted to have a look at when I moved here. Dresden and its surroundings are beautiful and also very inspiring, but they won't come to me. I'll have to go to them. So far I've always waited for somebody to go with me. But made the mistake of never really asking anybody. Aside from the people who were at least one ocean away. And you guessed correctly if you thought they weren't exactly in for an afternoon of exploring a near-by castle or baroque garden.

I focused so much on the internet so much, cause it's larger than just one country and still seems a lot easier to find a group of like-minded people. That made me isolate myself in my direct surroundings. What made that process a lot easier is the introvert inside me immediately asking "Was that really a good thing to say?" immediately after I said something out loud. And constantly reminding me that I actually said it out loud. For months on end.

2017 was a year of enlightenment for me in regards to my personal situation, now I've got to do stuff to change it up a little in 2018.

With that in mind, here's the plan for 2018 in no particular order.
- Go sight-seeing! (Things that jump to mind: Pillnitz, Königsstein, Großsedlitz Baroque Garden)
- Get a bike, cause it's faster than walking and might actually convince me to go outside more!
- Draw more comics! (There's no life without comics for me.)
- Print the first part of Soul's Journey! (Yes, that's a thing I want to do.)
- Finish some smaller projects! (Like that short story I've been sitting on since May 2017.)
- Stream more. (Cause it is fun, but I rarely do it.)

And that's the short, but still rather ambitious version of it. I don't want to put more on there than necessary, cause the more I plan the less likely it is that I'll actually do it.

(In case you want to reflect on your life, let your mom joke about how she'd like grandchildren... That is what really got me into this. Also, no, there aren't any children planned, unless you mean my brain-children.)

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