Over the years I gathered quite a few resources, which helped me grow. This list is for both you and me. Of course I hope this list holds some valuable things in store for you, but I also like to remind myself what got me to where I am today.


Pixar's 22 Rules of Storytelling - Analyzed
(a free downloadable PDF containing 75 pages, explaining and analyzing the 22 Rules of Storytelling á la Pixar)

Paper Wings Podcast
(a podcast revolving around storytelling and personal projects, I personally found especially the older episodes to be very helpful)

The Narrative Breakdown
(a podcast revolving around storytelling, as of writing this I'm only ten episodes in, but I very much like the energy behind it)

Invisible Ink
(a book written by Brian McDonald on how to work with theme in your story, it is my highly recommended guide to storytelling)

Golden Theme
(Brian McDonald's second book on telling stories with theme, which I also highly recommend)

Save The Cat
(a book on screenwriting and storystructure)

Storyteller's Summit
(formerly known as Oatley Academy Live/OALive, this course helped me kick off Recentia and I liked the first season especially, it turned into more of a podcast later on)


Aaron Blaise's Art Tips
(a former Disney artist shares valuable tips and timelapse videos of his paintings, further down the list are his courses)

ART Fundamentals
(a book giving advice on color, light, composition, anatomy, perspective ad depth)

to be continued...

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